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Bella Moris

Dermisvital® Hydrating Serum

Dermisvital® Hydrating Serum

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Dermisvital® – Hydrating Serum


Why should you try using Dermisvital Hydrating Serum?

  • Hydrating Serum doesn't cause peeling off the skin.
  • Hydrating Serum is effective in skin elasticity, fine wrinkles and lines.
  • Hydrating Serum supports the formation of collagen fibres while maintaining the elasticity of the skin.
  • Hyaluronate HYL %1,5 Hyalos holds 1000 times its weight of water.
  • Hydrating Serum is non-comedogenic.
  • Hydrating Serum is an excellent moisturizer for sensitive and acne-prone skin.
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